Monday, December 14, 2009

the Process.. of my process

I was going to post the original sketch, but I decided to put up my digital inking process. You can see the edits mostly on the top right corner.

Originally this image was suppose to be the big poster that would be visible after opening and placing together the 4 smaller booklets (each booklet with one quarter of the image on the inside). In the final however, included this last image as a final booklet. I may reprint it later as the big image or I might strive to make a better image.... We'll see!

Now to share my magical journey of construction! I took my camera with me the York/Sheridan Design facilities and took pictures of my time in the wet media room! It's just a point and shoot camera, so they aren't exactly flattering to the area... just saying, to those who have never been here, it really is filled with much more interesting things than what I've shown.

I made a polymer plate in order to emboss my suede cover. I got the negative done at young flexographics in Toronto, they were really nice and I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a negative done. Even though they didn't charge me, they were really helpful and the negative turned out great. The polymer plate, I made myself with the machine found in the wet media room! Very very cool, and I hope to use it again. I love how the plate looks... I almost wanted to hand the plate in as the cover as you see here, but that makes the suede texture pointless.

I just thought the negative looked so cool.

My new love: the guillotine. This beautiful, beautiful machine saved me hours upon hours of cutting and a sore arm. I love it. I love it so much.

Part of my work area. This is the manual press I used for the embossing.. yep, did it all myself with classic and foreign pieces of equiptment: the press, the plate... the design textbook I bought but use as a paper weight... (just kidding!...........)

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