Monday, December 14, 2009

Alice, the Final Product (pt. 2)

Onto the booklets. It's been explained previously that each booklet will fold out into reveal one quarter of one larger poster. The booklets vary in style and content, though all show visuals and quotes from the book. What I found the most appealing of the original text was the colourful characters and the great quotes and wit of Carroll. These booklets showcase those attributes. The first booklet looks more traditional. It has a cover and actual text/body copy of the first chapter (before Alice enters Wonderland). The second booklet featurs John Teniel's classic illustrations (in colour), paired with quotes. The third booklet shows my own illustrations with quotes from the book. The fourth booklet is a poster featuring one quote. The main (larger poster) shows all the most memorable characters (at least in my opinion), with the quote "We're all mad."

Another tidbit, the Chesire Cate is featured, or even hidden, throughout the booklets.

Here is a feature the second booklet, which contains Teniel's drawings.
This booklet starts off with the door that Alice tries so hard to get into, and it leads to the Queen of Hearts's couryard.

Oh but what's this? Looks like we found the Chesire Cat. By turning the booklet, anther book is revealed, showing the Chesire Cat dissapearing with his great quote "You may have noticed that I'm not all here myself"

I decided that this version of the book will have the large 'back' poster as one of the mini booklets. I may change it permanently like this... only time will tell!

...and in this format, it is the same size as the rest of the booklets, and is similar to the fourth poster booklet.

Here is a feature on that very picture.

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