Monday, December 14, 2009

Alice, the Final Product (pt. 1)

Enough process, let's see the final hand-in product! Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to the world, Alice, a redesign and visual retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Tada! I wanted this book reading experience to be extremely playful, whimsical and tactile. The idea is to make the reader relate to Alice's experience. I wanted to capture the feel that I got from the book when I first read it. The book is suppose to show the reader the sense of wonder, nonsense, playfulness and confusion that Alice experiences in the story. This is why the book does not necessarily come with instructions (besides "read me"). It's up to the reader to figure out what to do with this visual Wonderland, and take charge, just as Alice had to.

The red object in the middle is the 'book'. However, this is no ordinary book. It consists of six blocks, which contain mini-books (which also fold out posters, but more on this later). The cover is made of suede to give a soft, pleasant and luxurious feel. The immediate impression I intended to create was that of a classic book, but with a second look the reader would think "Wait a minute, what's this? This isn't a normal book", which is what I wanted to convey and represent: a classic that sparks curiosity and the imagination!

Here it is again at another angle. The lighting on the suede makes the title appear lighter than it is. I hope to do a proper photo shoot with a better camera and lighting when I get it back. The title is an impression made with a thin layer of white ink to create a very subtle and mysterious look.

The book can open in a page-by-page fashion in a vertical manner OR

The book opens up fully, length-wise and transforms into a jacob's ladder. The book is now even more tactile and playful (and fun!). The images show alternating pictures of Alice falling, and subtle features of various characters. This is to mimic her seemingly endless fall down the Rabbit-hole in Chapter one. It also represents the great characters that, to me, make the book so endearing. You can also see the back cover here, which is a mimic of the cover, but instead of white ink, there is a subtle embossing of 'Alice'

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