Friday, May 14, 2010

Volume 2, Chapter One

So. I've graduated. Okay, technically I haven't received my diploma yet, but I'm done!

This blog originally started as a place to document the process of my book, but I'm going to continue it now as a personal blog. So if any of my followers would like to unfollow me, don't worry I understand. Aaaactually, to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to blog here, or try out wordpress or tumblr. The image uploading process is so much easier on tumblr.

So now that I'm done school, what am I doing? Funny this was my book design blog....I actually feel like I'm starting a new chapter of life (HA, so very cliche). But now, I theoretically have time to do what I couldn't before, as student, but there's so much I want to do and learn, I'm not sure what to do first. For now, though, I want to work on:

1.) Read more
2.) Draw more
3.) Start blogging, somewhere

...... and I might as well mention everything else...

4.) work on my website
5.) make another motion piece/improve After Effects skills
6.) experiment with 3D motion
7.) do more photoshop illustrations...
8.) MAYBE redo my Alice, actually. Or make a sequel with the leftover materials (I think I can really make a better quality book now that I've done it once). Or maybe I should just move on...
9.) Apply to awards
10.) Apply for JOBS (ugh...)
11.) Figure out possible traveling plans! :D
12.) Find a place to live in Toronto

...they're interchangeable, because I'll probably want to post pictures I draw, maybe put a blog on my website... but for that to happen I need to learn more about web! All of this, while trying to find a place to live... which probably won't happen until I get a job!

We'll see how it goes. Geez, this post is so boring post. Haha, jump ship while you can :p

Monday, December 14, 2009

Poster Feature

I forgot to post this image. Instead of editing a post, I figure I'll finish off tonight's post with nice imagery instead of text and manual instructions!

Alice, the Final Product (pt. 3)

Finally, this is a post showing how the booklets fold back together.

After unfolding:
1.) the first step is to fold in the two smallest flaps towards the center.

2.)Fold in half

3.)Turn the paper over, you'll notice there is a hole on the top. Push the paper together so that the top view looks like a + sign

4.) Find the cover image and fold that over

Alice, the Final Product (pt. 2)

Onto the booklets. It's been explained previously that each booklet will fold out into reveal one quarter of one larger poster. The booklets vary in style and content, though all show visuals and quotes from the book. What I found the most appealing of the original text was the colourful characters and the great quotes and wit of Carroll. These booklets showcase those attributes. The first booklet looks more traditional. It has a cover and actual text/body copy of the first chapter (before Alice enters Wonderland). The second booklet featurs John Teniel's classic illustrations (in colour), paired with quotes. The third booklet shows my own illustrations with quotes from the book. The fourth booklet is a poster featuring one quote. The main (larger poster) shows all the most memorable characters (at least in my opinion), with the quote "We're all mad."

Another tidbit, the Chesire Cate is featured, or even hidden, throughout the booklets.

Here is a feature the second booklet, which contains Teniel's drawings.
This booklet starts off with the door that Alice tries so hard to get into, and it leads to the Queen of Hearts's couryard.

Oh but what's this? Looks like we found the Chesire Cat. By turning the booklet, anther book is revealed, showing the Chesire Cat dissapearing with his great quote "You may have noticed that I'm not all here myself"

I decided that this version of the book will have the large 'back' poster as one of the mini booklets. I may change it permanently like this... only time will tell!

...and in this format, it is the same size as the rest of the booklets, and is similar to the fourth poster booklet.

Here is a feature on that very picture.

Alice, the Final Product (pt. 1)

Enough process, let's see the final hand-in product! Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to the world, Alice, a redesign and visual retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Tada! I wanted this book reading experience to be extremely playful, whimsical and tactile. The idea is to make the reader relate to Alice's experience. I wanted to capture the feel that I got from the book when I first read it. The book is suppose to show the reader the sense of wonder, nonsense, playfulness and confusion that Alice experiences in the story. This is why the book does not necessarily come with instructions (besides "read me"). It's up to the reader to figure out what to do with this visual Wonderland, and take charge, just as Alice had to.

The red object in the middle is the 'book'. However, this is no ordinary book. It consists of six blocks, which contain mini-books (which also fold out posters, but more on this later). The cover is made of suede to give a soft, pleasant and luxurious feel. The immediate impression I intended to create was that of a classic book, but with a second look the reader would think "Wait a minute, what's this? This isn't a normal book", which is what I wanted to convey and represent: a classic that sparks curiosity and the imagination!

Here it is again at another angle. The lighting on the suede makes the title appear lighter than it is. I hope to do a proper photo shoot with a better camera and lighting when I get it back. The title is an impression made with a thin layer of white ink to create a very subtle and mysterious look.

The book can open in a page-by-page fashion in a vertical manner OR

The book opens up fully, length-wise and transforms into a jacob's ladder. The book is now even more tactile and playful (and fun!). The images show alternating pictures of Alice falling, and subtle features of various characters. This is to mimic her seemingly endless fall down the Rabbit-hole in Chapter one. It also represents the great characters that, to me, make the book so endearing. You can also see the back cover here, which is a mimic of the cover, but instead of white ink, there is a subtle embossing of 'Alice'

the Process.. of my process

I was going to post the original sketch, but I decided to put up my digital inking process. You can see the edits mostly on the top right corner.

Originally this image was suppose to be the big poster that would be visible after opening and placing together the 4 smaller booklets (each booklet with one quarter of the image on the inside). In the final however, included this last image as a final booklet. I may reprint it later as the big image or I might strive to make a better image.... We'll see!

Now to share my magical journey of construction! I took my camera with me the York/Sheridan Design facilities and took pictures of my time in the wet media room! It's just a point and shoot camera, so they aren't exactly flattering to the area... just saying, to those who have never been here, it really is filled with much more interesting things than what I've shown.

I made a polymer plate in order to emboss my suede cover. I got the negative done at young flexographics in Toronto, they were really nice and I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a negative done. Even though they didn't charge me, they were really helpful and the negative turned out great. The polymer plate, I made myself with the machine found in the wet media room! Very very cool, and I hope to use it again. I love how the plate looks... I almost wanted to hand the plate in as the cover as you see here, but that makes the suede texture pointless.

I just thought the negative looked so cool.

My new love: the guillotine. This beautiful, beautiful machine saved me hours upon hours of cutting and a sore arm. I love it. I love it so much.

Part of my work area. This is the manual press I used for the embossing.. yep, did it all myself with classic and foreign pieces of equiptment: the press, the plate... the design textbook I bought but use as a paper weight... (just kidding!...........)

More Specifically...

Okay! So I just handed in my book project, so I just feel like bursting out in Christmas break squeals of excitement... I'M DOOONE!!! :D :D eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but not really. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with how my book turned out, but I wanted it to be so much more. I want to keep adding to it, or even (maybe, in an ideal world) make the second Alice book (Through the Looking Glass)and put them both in a box as a set.... Realistically though, even over break, I still have assignments to do (evil), I wonder how much I will get done....

So, I think I'll just work on pictures. It's something that I want to work on (and improve on), on a personal level, so I think I'll do that over christmas break, if I have the time.

Anyways, I do realize it has been a while since I've been-- Side note: I've found a new freckle (...I should be tested for ADD)........on here to update, but I do assure you lot's have happened (must have, if i finished the project!). So even though it's not required to put up process posts anymore, I think I will, because I do want to record the process, for personal and interest reasons.

To start, I think I'll put up some sketches I've been hoarding in my lair.
This was a concept sketch for the title. Hand lettering all the way :) I like the texture the paper created, but it's not included in the digital version I used for the final...